See you at SAWO in April 2022!

On April 25-27, 2022, we invite you to Poznań for the SAWO International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment. This event is an opportunity to present the latest achievements of Polish and foreign manufacturers of equipment and equipment for safety, health and work. The Sawo fair is also an ideal space to present advanced technologies used in specialist rescue and in the health and safety industry.

The current reality requires entrepreneurs, investors and broadly understood business people to know the rules of work safety, good practices functioning in the environment and openness to the implementation of changes, protecting against threats. Maintaining the safest possible jobs in all sectors of the economy significantly contributes to the development of trust and positive relations between employees and partners, and thus - the implementation of corporate undertakings. That is why this year's edition of SAWO 2022 is so important.

Together for safety

The April SAWO fair is the largest and most important event in our country, which promotes the protection of life and health in the work environment and directly contributes to the introduction of advanced technologies and solutions in enterprises to improve the quality of work and safety of employees. Sawo is not only an exhibition, it is also a place to exchange experiences in the field of work safety, ergonomics, rescue, fire protection and other related issues.

- The strength of the SAWO fair was and is the creation of a space for live meetings and presentation of innovations for professionals in the health and safety industry. Testing the latest products, the possibility of touching modern equipment, comparing the offers of various exhibitors, time for negotiations - the specificity of SAWO cannot be translated into available online tools. It is also impossible to reflect the atmosphere of meetings and events accompanying the exhibition - says Marcin Gorynia, director of the SAWO International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment.

The power of meetings

The subject of the fair is so wide that you can find here almost everything that is needed to work in OHS, firefighting and rescue services. Among the SAWO 2022 exhibitions, we will see the latest product solutions prepared by exhibitors, including:

  • personal protection,
  • protective and work clothing,
  • materials for the production of protective and work clothing,
  • fall protection
  • first aid measures and equipment,
  • hygiene and sanitary equipment,
  • ergonomic products and solutions at workplaces,
  • collective protection measures,
  • measuring and control equipment,
  • safety signs
  • fire protection
  • equipment for emergency services.

- As organizers, we do everything to ensure a high substantive level of the event, despite the exceptional situation, to present a comprehensive offer for specialists in the sector of occupational health and safety, fire protection, and equipment for emergency services. We want to provide them with space for fruitful business meetings and return to the momentum with which SAWO was held in previous editions - comments the director of Gorynia. - In the coming weeks we will present the submitted exhibitors and the news they prepare. Milwaukee's PPE demonstrations may be a real treat for fair participants. - adds Marcin Gorynia.

Install yourself in the world of professionals in Poznań

SAWO is the largest trade fair for the leaders of the health and safety industry in Central and Eastern Europe, a well-known and recognizable brand. Each edition attracts the attention of the entire health and safety, fire and rescue sector. Professionals, both practitioners and theorists, do not allow themselves to miss this important event that inspires and motivates to development.

SAWO will be accompanied by the INSTALACJE International Fair of Installations and Equipment, the GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy Fair, the SECUREX International Security Fair and the EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Fair. This year's April edition of the INSTALACJE, GREENPOWER, SECUREX, EXPOPOWER and SAWO fairs block is the largest and most important event for the occupational health and safety, renewable energy, heating, ventilation, cooling and sanitary industries in 2022!

It is worth planning your participation today. You're very welcome!

SAWO: 25-27.04.2022, Poznań International Fair.