Registration for the "Managing mental well-being in the workplace" conference has started!


The Safety Culture Foundation invites you to a free conference with the participation of outstanding specialists who will share their knowledge and experience in creating conditions of well-being in the workplace. The conference is free of charge, prior registration is required.

Conference entitled “Managing mental well-being in the workplace: key steps and effective strategies” will be held on the first day of SAWO 2024 in Hall 3 in the Blue Room. Reserve your place for this unique event today!

Zarządzanie dobrostanem psychicznym


What will be discussed?

- Contemporary threats to employees' mental health

- Psychosocial risks in remote work - prevention of digital stress and the right to be offline under labor law and proposed EU regulations

- Behavioral approach to work safety - the most common causes of failure

- Psychological first aid. It works!

- Neurodiversity at work: a new look at individual differences

- What does wellbeing have to do with occupational health and safety?


An organizer with experience

The Security Culture Foundation, known for organizing professional, thematic training and regional and national conferences and webinars, invites you to the conference. The organization shares educational materials free of charge and inspires companies, social organizations, local government authorities and private individuals to use modern tools and knowledge about security.

In addition, the Foundation organizes a noble competition of previously trained human teams in the First Aid Championships. It promotes the idea that a safe person is a happy person.

The Foundation has several years of experience in organizing targeted training on broadly understood security culture. He cooperates with outstanding specialists in the field of occupational health and safety. It cooperates with economic organizations, industry and scientific institutions and with local government authorities. It also engages people and cultural institutions in joint projects.