SAWO 2024: the largest exhibition in history!


Hot topics in the occupational safety industry, demonstrations in specially designated zones, the largest exposition of safety innovations in this part of Europe, as well as proven conference highlights - these are just some of the attractions of the upcoming SAWO 2024. The introduction of ever newer technologies, as well as changing regulations, have a significant impact on the huge interest of exhibitors in participating in the April event.

The SAWO trade fair has for years been at the forefront of events dedicated to the OSH and fire protection industry on the Polish market. The exhibition of the upcoming 2024 edition promises to be a record-breaker - all the places in two pavilions 3 and 3A are already filled, and the number of companies willing to present their latest solutions in Poznań is still increasing. This incredible success has prompted the organizers to launch an additional pavilion 4! All indications are that the April installment of SAWO 2024 will be the largest exhibition ever!

- Conversations with our exhibitors fill us with optimism and give us a lot of energy to work on the next edition. Our plans are ambitious, and our exhibitors are heavily involved in creating and adapting occupational safety standards to current market needs. That's why we're strongly developing SAWO's comprehensive offer and increasing the exhibition space in the areas of, among others, protective and work clothing, individual and collective protection measures, fall protection, first aid measures and equipment, firefighting equipment, measuring and control equipment, inspection and certification services for occupational safety and health equipment, or products and services aimed at identifying and eliminating potential hazards. We want our April event to be a place where business meets creativity and ideas turn into concrete actions. - emphasizes Dagmara Suprun, director of the SAWO trade fair. - Today we can proudly announce that participation in SAWO 2024 has been announced by leaders such as: ALFA AND OMEGA, ARMATEK, ARTRA, ASATEX AG, ASD, ATG LANKA, ATLAS, CANIS SAFETY, CLIMAX, COFRA, CRISBOT, DRAEGER, EJENDALS, ELMAR, ELMETAL, ELTEN, EVNE, FALK AND ROSS, FARAONE, F. ENGEL, GALILEE GMBH, GFG POLSKA, GTV, GUIDE, HORUS, HULTAFORS GROUP POLAND, IMPEL, INDUSTRIAL STARTER, IRMATIK, IRUDEK, KEGEL-BLAZUSIAK, LEBON, LEMAITRE, LYRECO, MALFINI, MASCOT, MEWA, MILWAUKEE, ORK, OXYLINE, PLUM SAFETY, POLSKA GRUPA TEKSTYLNA, PORTWEST, PPO, PROCERA, PROFIBUT, PROMOEFEKT, PROTEKT, PW KRYSTIAN, RAMOS STS, SAFETY FIRST, SAFETY JOGGER, SARA, SECUREMEN, SIR SAFETY, STALCO, TIAJO, UNIGLOVES, U-POWER, URGENT, UVEX, VELILLA, VM FOOTWEAR, WARSON, YORK, ZEPHYR - adds Director Suprun.

More exposure means more safety

Health, safety and security (HSE) solutions are an integral part of virtually all industries today and largely determine the development of businesses. It is an area that is constantly evolving in response to changing regulations and standards for workplace safety. Research and innovation are crucial for economic success and for employers to ensure proper safety procedures. The high risk of occupational accidents and illnesses in many companies makes the topic of worker protection and safety culture a constant concern. Investing in knowledge, improving safety and labor standards should be a key issue for many companies. And the SAWO 2024 trade fair is an ideal place to get acquainted with the offer of a wide range of both Polish and foreign market leaders in the occupational safety and health industry. The new, enlarged exhibition area will enable MTP Group to better present innovative products, cutting-edge solutions and inspiring projects.

- I encourage everyone interested in workplace safety to actively participate in SAWO. This is a unique event that allows you not only to improve your professional skills, but also to create a strong community of professionals from across the occupational safety industry. Participation in SAWO is also an opportunity to engage in dialogue on common industry challenges. - encourages the director of the SAWO fair.

The most powerful event of spring 2024

The trust and support of the industry's central bodies and institutions, as well as state research institutes and media representatives, translates primarily into jointly building the security of people and property in our country. The result of good cooperation is an attractive program of events, as well as the delegation of experts to the competition committees. Thanks to the professionalism and high level of content, each successive edition of SAWO is visited by an increasingly wide range of professionals: heads and employees of occupational safety and health and fire protection services, distributors and traders, representatives of professional and volunteer fire departments, employers, and enjoys growing popularity among events dedicated to the fire, rescue and occupational safety and security industry, both in Poland and abroad. Visitors to Poznań can expect to attend spectacular demonstrations and factual conferences organized by such partners as the State Labor Inspectorate (PIP), the Central Institute for Occupational Protection (CIOP), the National Association of Occupational Safety and Health Service Employees, the State Fire Service, the Association of Fire Service Engineers (SITP), market experts and industry media. It is extremely important for the project team and the MTP Group, as the organizer of the key trade fair for the sector, to be able to draw on the partnership relationships built up over the years, constantly strengthening them and inspiring each other.

An additional advantage of this year's SAWO fair is that it will be held during the strongest event of spring 2024 - the entire occupational safety and health, RES, installation, energy and heating industries will meet in one place and time! The SAWO International Trade Fair for Occupational Safety, Fire Fighting and Rescue will be accompanied by SECUREX International Security Fair, INSTALACJE International Installation Fair, GREEN POWER International Renewable Energy Fair, EXPOPOWER International Energy Fair and H2POLAND Central European Hydrogen Technology Forum.

SAWO trade fair already in April in Poznań!

Ahead of us is the 26th edition of the SAWO International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue. We encourage you to meet at the stands and participate in the events accompanying the exhibition. All necessary information is posted on an ongoing basis on the website, a lot of news can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn profile

See you at SAWO already on April 23-25, 2024 in Poznań!