Unique 3D shoes at SAWO 2024


We present another exhibitor of SAWO 2024 - the Italian company Giasco Safety Shoes. This young and dynamic enterprise is known for producing safety shoes using patented 3D technology. It is the first and only technology in the world to offer a fully injected polyurethane tridensity sole.


Since 1971 Giasco produces and exports safety shoes in more than 90 countries, meeting the strictest international standards and offering unique products in terms of materials and design.

Company goal is to provide their dealers shoes forefront in terms of technology and comfort, capable of providing workers with full protection from all the dangers present in the various work situations, thus ensuring complete security.




Why are the shoes Giasco so unique?

After years of study, research and hard work, Giasco has succeeded in launching on the market a technology that has revolutionized the safety footwear industry: 3D.

3D is in fact the first and only technology in the world to offer a fully injected polyurethane tridensity shoe. This means offering maximum comfort and softness in the sole while maintaining the undisputed advantages in terms of durability and protection, typical of a fully injected shoe.

Always a leader in the search for new and better solutions in terms of safety, comfort and design, Giasco has obtained the exclusive use for the safety footwear UNI EN ISO 20 345 of a technology which is so revolutionary that it has been patented by European Patent Agency. This technology has been recognized and subsequently deposited with the various international agencies around the world.


buty giasco


What will you see at the Giasco booth?

During SAWO 2024 company plans to show their main lines 3PU and dielectric line. On the booth you can see also some new interesting line like: 3Move, 3Ultra and 3Ultra rubber and some prototypes.

Representatives of the company will be waiting for you at booth 125 in hall 3A.

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