We know the program of the international conference of the Polish Association of Occupational Safety and Health Service Employees


"Work accidents and near misses - source of knowledge about gaps in your safety management system. Let's look for the root causes! "The event by Polish Association of Safety and Health Professionals International Fair of Work Protection, Fire- Fighting and Rescue Equipment SAWO 2020

Agenda of the international conference

New date will be known soon.

  1. Incident investigation - Finding underlying causes – a regulators perspective’ Samantha Peace – Director of Field Operations, Great Britain, Health and Safety Executive
  2. Determining the direct, indirect including root causes of accidents at work on the basis of serious and fatal accident events from 2018-2019. Is human error true cause of accidents - Dariusz Smoliński PhD, Pomeranian Academy, National Labor Inspectorate.
  3. Methods for analyzing work accidents short review in terms of their practical use at work sites as an alternative to traditional TOL methodology (Technical-Organsational-Human Factors) – Anna Kaczmarkiewicz, HSE manager, OSPSBHP.
  4. Investigation of accidents at work as one of the most important sources of knowledge about critical points in the safety system and a pillar of safety culture in the enterprise - Jennet Arshimova PhD - IOSH, New HSE.
  5. Psychological mechanisms of violating safety rules: time pressure, peer pressure. Comments on shaping desired behavioral patterns - Mateusz Warchał PhD, State University of Małopolska, Oświęcim.
  6. Building a culture of accident prevention- how to involve employees and increase the recognition of work accidents and near misses? The role of leadership in safety management – a point of view of insurance institution - representative of AUVA (Austrian insurance fund).

The conference will be accompanied by information points concerning the practical aspects of work accidents investigation in particular data gathering and saving (OSPSBHP), accident insurance: levelling indicator, lump-sum compensations,the regulations concerning accidents reporting to labor inspectorate.